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VW Campervan Subcultures PHD Research Project By Sharon Wilson. A Self Confessed VW Fanatic

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Postby maud » Mon Jun 13, 2011 9:44 pm

Hello Beautiful Dubbers,

I have been in the Durham Dubbers club for two years now and just recently started a PHD which is about VW Ownership. My quest is mainly to find out why we love our vans.(mine is a 1972 Westy).Lets be honest its often a love/hate relationship with them coupled with the insane desire to keep them on the road despite all the odds. I hope to make a book about VW people and try to find out what keeps us all in 'Dubluv' and what happens when we fall out of love and sell the vans.

It is a four year project so no doubt you will see me around asking lots of stupid questions about vans from time to time.

I hope that as time goes on the VW tribe of which I seem to be a part of will help me understand this strange phenomena and by sharing a few thoughts about our machines we might be able to understand our motivations for keeping them better. I will start posting up questions for y'all and hopefully you will enjoy answering them. In the meantime any comments welcome. My email is I have a facebook site too called - search for "sharon wilson" which has lots of VW friends on there too.
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