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Postby maud » Fri Jun 20, 2014 8:42 am

Hello folks,

I am now (Yes still writing) a chapter on the impacts of weather on both driving a VW and then the holiday experience on the road in conditions good and bad.

Can anyone comment on any of the following questions:

Does rain when driving add or detract from the experience?

Any mad stories about bad weather driving?

How people feel when driving their van in different weather: e.g feel sorry for the van, worry about rust etc,
feel great, think different weather makes the view out of the window more interesting boring, dull etc. beer

As you can see I put the little drinking smily on my post this time ha ha......defo need a pint still writing about the beloved VW ha ha!!!! beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer

If you can help great. I can always relay on Maddison and Tudor Rose LOL
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Postby tudor rose bugger » Fri Jun 20, 2014 5:18 pm

Who ?? Little old me :rolf:
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Postby The Lockkeeper » Sat Jun 21, 2014 1:38 pm

I despise driving the thing in rain. It's hard work on a good day
My t25 used to leak from somewhere then onto the steering wheel then onto me leg so I always had one wet leg. The bay doesn't leak but the wipers are pathetic and there's no intermittent wipe so i have to turn them off and on cos i don't trust them to keep working fir long after a few bad experiences. And i invariably grab the wrong switch and yet to rip off the headlight switch,. And the all round drums which on a good day will stop you over a mile if you're doing about half a mile an hour just fade to nil in the wet....

and don't get me started about a wind anything above a soft fart.......
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Postby symbiote16 » Fri Apr 08, 2016 7:10 am

I like driving in bad weather.

First off; glorious, beaming sun is lovely. It's what everyone wants. Everything's always fine when the sun's oot. Driving and camping is easy and sweet. When you break down, meh, it'll be fine, it's a nice day and you get it sorted. It's not very often you get those perfect days when the skys are beautiful and the day is long and hot and you can really enjoy the bus in its perfect conditions. So we (well I know I) make the most of it and get out and make the most of the day and the benefits of having a sweet bus. It makes the holiday more laid back and chilled. I worry less when it's a nice day.

But I love the challenges that come when driving in bad weather. I've been through torrential thunderstorms, gale force winds and blizzards. Bad weather just makes the drive much more exciting and intense and the camping aspect more challenging, but rewarding.

Rain reduces the stopping distance of a 'weekend-ready' bus by at least 3-fold so your always more alert and on edge. When the rain is light, like LockKeeper said, there's no intermittent so I'm always turning the wipers on and off because again, I don't trust them to be on the whole time due to past experiences.
On the beetle, driving through heavy rain the fuse popped for whatever reason. So I had to move my head around to find a clearish spot to find somewhere to pull over. In the bus the driverside wiper blade tends to fall off and the most unfortunate times. Thankfully the bay's window is quite steep so heavy water just runs off. It feels to me that everything in the bus has a certain amount of uses and I need to only use things when I really need them.
Driving in the rain almost makes any problems or breakdowns a thousand times worse. Which just heightens the tension and fear, which is all what makes driving in the rain more exciting and fun.
Camping in the rain doesn't stop me getting out and doing whatever, but it makes that cup of coffee so much nicer when you get back and you remove your waterproof layers so carefully to not get everything soaked.

Driving in strong winds is mad scary. The bus is blown about like a cardboard box in any weather but in strong winds its like it just doesn't want to be driven, like its just having a tantrum. Wrestling with the wheel to keep it in the suddenly very narrow lanes. Again it's that fear that anything could happen at any second that makes it so tense and thrilling. I find that knowing I'm still daft enough to be driving a vehicle like this and dealing with all these issues that nobody else deals with any more in their modern cars, keeps me laughing to myself and feeling like a 'purer' motorist. Makes me feel like I'm better than the other motorists.

Snow was the most fun. The blizzard came down whilst I was driving around the country roads of Northumberland, in the pitch black. The snow was coming down thick, fast and sideways. Funny how whichever way I drove it always blew straight into the windscreen. Having the front candles on lit the snow up like a white sheet and visibility was reduced to a few feet. It was mint! Couldn't read any road signs, couldn't see any junctions, but I kept going. I was looking for somewhere to park for the night but in the middle of a country road wasn't a good idea. Eventually the snow eased off and we found a large lay-by and stopped there. Going outside was restricted to an absolute minimum to preserve any heat we had both in the bus and on our bodies. That was a cold night. Then everything gets damp through the night with the condensation and is proper cold whenever you move, so you stay curled up in one spot then wake up with cramp. I know Ash didn't enjoy it very much but it's the perseverance and getting through it that makes nights like that worth it for me. Getting up in the morning was beautiful. Untouched snow everywhere and the sun glaring through the open sky, but not warming anything up.

Getting through last winter and still making the most of it is great. I know there's a lot of part-time campers on here but I don't have commitments like most of them and hacking it through the crappy weather isn't for everyone. A cozy, warm bed would be much nicer than freezing in a hard bus-bed, but there's no satisfaction in that for me. Waking up somewhere different and exploring the nature is the best.
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Postby The Lockkeeper » Fri Apr 08, 2016 3:41 pm

I think you must have been dropped on your head when you were little.
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Postby disco_kegs » Fri Apr 08, 2016 8:39 pm

I drove home from Lincoln over the Easter weekend when storm Katie was about and got thrown all over. Strange thing was I could hear the gusts of wind all the time but couldn't tell which one was going to knock me sideways. I had sore fingers from gripping onto the steering wheel.

I hate driving in wind, rain I'm not overly bothered especially if coming home.
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Postby Stew » Sat Apr 09, 2016 4:13 pm

A couple of years ago at Eskdale we had great fun watching the T4's and 5's getting towed off the field after two days of rain. Then we powered off with an aircooled roar*.....

*by roar also see clatter....

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